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How Outpatient Treatment Works


Transcend is as good as it gets. It's a top notch organization from top to bottom where addicts and alcoholics get the highest quality treatment and care available.

– Mike M.

My favorite part about Transcend is the amazingly supportive community! It's filled with recovery, fun and freedom!

– Katie B.

Transcend community has a great staff that goes out of their way to help the clients that come through here...

– Tyler R.
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Transcend is a recovery community that lives by the philosophy of “helping people help themselves”. Unlike most sober living companies, Transcend is a full-fledged community comprised of nine homes throughout the Los Angeles, New York, and Houston areas. We specialize in helping young men and women rediscover a passion for purposeful living. Recovery is not a solo-effort; it takes a caring village and a wide array of resources. By adhering to Transcend’s principles of “accountability, community, and spirituality”, our clients can feel confident knowing that we will support their recovery like no one else.

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You can also call us at (800) 208-1211

The Highest Level of Personalized Care

Transcend provides two experiential group sessions for our clients per house, per week. These group sessions range from acupuncture meditation, mindfulness techniques, goal setting, book study, and spiritual expression. We also provide full transportation to 12-step meetings, outpatient facilities, doctor’s appointments, and group outings. Each house features a full-time chef that prepares healthy and organic meals every evening. Our staff communicates with families and clinicians on a weekly basis and conducts family weekends every two months.

Our Emphasis on Community & Accountability

Our recovery program is based on the belief that a combination of accountability and a loving community will provide the very best recovery experience possible. We work with several charities and an on-site life coach to help our clients experience purpose on a deeper level. Transcend also hosts many fun and engaging activities for our clients, including holiday parties, ski and camping trips, and hangouts at the beach.

All clients are taught the importance of accountability through our use of a tiered-responsibility system that exposes them to a level of responsibility appropriate to their recovery progress. Vocational and life skill training is another important part of the Transcend recovery program. All too often, young adults that have been affected by addiction miss out on fundamental lessons such as budgeting, schedule management, job searching, and resume building. Our goal is to help our clients effectively transition into adulthood with the tools they need to succeed both in the working world and the world of recovery.

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Two Housing Lines, Two Options for Recovery – Transcend & The Verve

In addition to our core Transcend sober living homes that focus on personalized, high-end care, we are proud to offer our mid-tier, curriculum-based housing line – The Verve. With homes for both men and women, this line uses a curriculum drawn from Transcend’s years of experience in effective sober living care. Vocational development, life skill training, and volunteer experience are all fundamental parts of the program that all clients will participate in. Additionally, this program offers paid internships with in-house chefs and employment placement with local business partners. The homes operate under a philosophy of camaraderie and group accountability, with all clients helping one another achieve the goals they set for themselves. Clients of The Verve will “graduate” after approximately 6 months with the life, recovery, and vocational skills needed to successfully transition into a sober adulthood.

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