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Our sober living Houston arrangement provides a unique, personalized recovery experience tailored to clients' needs.

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Are you interested in sober living in the Houston, Texas area? Imagine making new friends and living with purpose in the exciting, beautiful, and peaceful Houston Heights neighborhood in Texas. Transcend has vibrant Houston sober livings and a recovery community waiting to support you!

Women's House

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Houston Women Housing
Come join us at one of our beautiful Houston sober residences.
Houston Men Housing
Come join us at one of our beautiful Houston sober residences.

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Transcend is different than other sober livings, they have surf therapy, a chef, art group, yoga, a gym membership and recovery!

– Amanda G.

My favorite part about Transcend is the amazingly supportive community! It's filled with recovery, fun and freedom!

– Katie B.

Transcend is as good as it gets. It's a top notch organization from top to bottom where addicts and alcoholics get the highest quality treatment and care available.

– Mike M.
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Welcome to Transcend, a recovery and sober living community in Houston, Texas! We have two beautiful and comfortable facilities in Houston Heights, located just a short distance from one another in one of the most gorgeous neighborhoods within a historic and vibrant community in Houston, TX. Our women’s sober living home and our men’s sober living in Houston form a true recovery community, and we provide distinctive services that other facilities do not. Most sober livings only provide a live-in manager, yet we have found it to be of extreme importance to have multiple staff members available to our clients at all times.

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You can also call us at (800) 208-1211

Houston Sober Living Programs

Incorporating a holistic approach to recovery programming or recovery programs, Transcend provides in-house experiential sessions for our sober living residents each week: acupuncture meditation, mindfulness techniques, yoga, goal setting, book study, local recovery group meetings, and spiritual expression as part of our sober living program. All of these services are part of client care and included at no additional expense in our sober living facilities.

a view of the city of houston texas at dusk

What’s Sober Living and Sober Life like in Houston, Texas?

a view of the city of houston texas at dusk

Our sober living in Houston, Texas is nestled in the safe and attractive community and quiet neighborhood of Houston Heights which is surrounded by outdoor parks nearby. This allows our clients to blend their early recovery activities with daily life in the ample space for the sober living-Houston area. Clients can expect guidance from our recovery-focused staff members. Our dedicated sober living home team helps keep clients on their road to recovery while enjoying the amenities of our sober living house in Texas has to offer.

Our goal is to help clients transition from a structured rehab facility into their new normal right after early sobriety from substance abuse. This is done through our integrated approach to recovery with the help of a solid support system and sober coaches enforcing sober mentoring. Each week clients can expect to participate in experiential classes, and many local events, and are required to undergo regular drug testing to make sure they are chemical-free.

Does Transcend Offer Recovery Program and Sober Living Homes in Texas?

Transcend's structured living arrangement provides for a great sober living experience. It gives clients the convenience they deserve as they begin healing and undergo various outpatient treatment services and recovery programs.

Sober living facilities in Houston are among the best in terms of men's apartment community arrangements. It's certified Houston, TX safe and is within walking distance of many amenities, like a fully furnished home complete with cooking and eating utensils, ample clothing storage, single platform beds, flat-screen TV, and modern furniture.

While there's a house manager to supervise the day with structured schedules and substance-free activities, residents still have personal freedoms and may watch TV, or go to adjacent places like several outdoor parks, such as Discovery Green, Buffalo Bayou Park, and Woodland Park, all within close range to retail locations like several grocery stores in safe environment miles south.

Women and men often face unique traumas and difficulties throughout their lives. Our recovery plans and trauma therapy are specially and individually designed to help clients work through these life-altering experiences. Through this, we aim to transform their lives to have better employment opportunities and stable housing long-term.

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Houston Sober Living

Imagine making new friends and living with purpose in the exciting, beautiful, and peaceful Houston Heights neighborhood in Texas.

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