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Our sober living for men community is made up of men all in pursuit of sobriety. Contact us or continue reading to see how Transcend Recovery Community's men's sober living homes can assist you.

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Transcend is different than other sober livings, they have surf therapy, a chef, art group, yoga, a gym membership and recovery!

– Amanda G.

My favorite part about Transcend is the amazingly supportive community! It's filled with recovery, fun and freedom!

– Katie B.

Transcend is as good as it gets. It's a top notch organization from top to bottom where addicts and alcoholics get the highest quality treatment and care available.

– Mike M.
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We know that you’re sick of using drugs and alcohol, but that you probably don’t know how to live without them. We’ve created a men’s sober living community from every walk of life that has successfully embraced recovery from substance abuse addiction and mental health issues, and a life of meaning and purpose. At Transcend’s men’s sober living homes, you’ll be surrounded by people that truly understand what it means to live beautifully.

Our men’s sober living homes were created with the purpose of bringing men together in the pursuit of brotherhood, with the understanding that solidarity and community are essential to recovery. We know that positive support from healthy peers is invaluable for our clients, and we’ve worked hard to establish a place where men can create the bonds that will sustain them throughout their process of transformation and growth.

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You can also call us at (800) 208-1211

Community For Men’s Sober Living

Community is the antidote to the lonely isolation of active substance abuse addiction and mental health issues. At Transcend, we’ve come to the realization that the solution to early recovery begins with a supportive men’s sober living community. We’ve worked hard to build a place of compassion, understanding, and hope. Transcend sober living homes facilitate recovery from addiction, alcohol abuse, and mental health issues and offer our clients a way back from the brink, toward healing, growth, and truth. With facilities for men’s sober living in Los Angeles, New York, and Houston, we aim to provide a comfortable place for all to pursue their recovery.

Los Angeles

Come join us at one of our beautiful Los Angeles sober living homes. There is a vibrant recovery community at Transcend waiting to empower you.

New York

There is a vibrant New York sober living community at Transcend waiting to assist you on your road to recovery.


Imagine making new friends with the hope of living with purpose in the exciting, beautiful, and peaceful Houston Heights neighborhood in Texas.

Revitalization And Renewal

The men that are the members of the Transcend men’s sober living community have joined together in the belief that any of us can transform ourselves, and transcend our circumstances to achieve our dreams. We know that recovery is much more than just abstinence from drugs and alcohol. The men that join our community go on to build incredible lives that they can be proud of, finding their purpose and passion with the aid of the support of a brotherhood that remains always committed to its members.

Each member of our vibrant community has written a story of redemption in their own personal journey. At Transcend, we offer something precious: your life back. We’re passionate about helping you transform yourself. See how you can begin writing your story today.

group of men from sober living on a hike with ocean view

Why Gender Specific Homes?

group of male on after care program at the beach

Transcend Recovery Community offers individuals struggling with substance abuse addiction and mental health issues a journey of self-discovery and spiritual renewal. We offer men’s specific sober homes because we know that the process of early recovery is aided by a lack of distractions so that you will be able to concentrate exclusively on changing your life. With the knowledge that a successful recovery is dependent on stability, healthy interactions with peers, and a lack of unnecessary stress, we’ve built our men’s sober living homes as oases so men can begin to focus on what matters, repairing their lives from the trauma of addiction and mental health issues.

Each member of our community contributes to the well being of every other member, and in our solidarity we find the healing that allows us to transform ourselves. Our men’s sober living homes provide a supportive environment where young men from every background can learn to love themselves again. We believe that the process of recovery from substance abuse addiction and mental health issues is a sacred one and that every person should be afforded the love and compassion necessary to rebuild their lives..

Is It Best for a Man to Seek a Men’s Sober Living?

A recovering man should live in a men’s specific facility. Many men go through unique life events. Our sober living homes are designed to remove distractions to keep clients on track. Dedicated staff are specially trained and have experience dealing with men’s health. This provides clients with a personal advantage that helps foster their recovery efforts.

In our facilities, clients can expect to be taught self-reliance, independence, and accountability. We use many methods to ensure this, including random drug testing. This practice helps keep clients on track and holds them accountable to themselves and their recovery goals.

Our men’s facilities are equipped with numerous lifestyle benefits, including tranquil bedrooms and lively common spaces. Clients can enjoy a relaxing evening watching television or hanging out in the recreation room. Each home is equipped with unique amenities to make the journey to sobriety pleasurable as well as successful.

What’s It Like to Be in a Men’s Sober Living?

A men’s sober living home is designed to help individuals transition from structured living to independent lifestyles. Through classes, goal setting sessions, outpatient treatment, and other techniques, men experience the next phase of their sober life. Staff is available 24/7 to provide support when needed. They provide oversight and guidance to help keep clients on their path to long term recovery.

Men in sober livings can expect to spend some of their time enjoying the city in which they live. For example, clients can stroll through their neighborhood or visit local shops. Many of our houses are located near excellent restaurants and coffee shops. Each client is also provided with a gym pass to an exclusive local gym. This gives our clients a chance to work on their fitness while the mind recovers.

We believe holistic approaches to recovery have the longest-lasting effects. This is why we offer weekly experiential classes for our men. Clients can partake in yoga, acupuncture, or mindfulness meditation. Additionally, clients are taught the importance of setting and working towards their goals. Our dedicated staff at Transcend work to help clients meet their personal sobriety goals.

How Do I Find A Sober Living for Men?

Sober living is an essential step in your recovery journey. It may be challenging to find a place that suits you. At Transcend, we offer several men’s sober living facilities across the United States. While each one has similar recovery programs, each location offers a unique lifestyle. Depending on the location and what amenities are important to you, there is likely a facility that works for you.

We have two men’s sober living facilities in California. One in Venice Beach and the other in Santa Monica. Both offer men access to the ocean and boardwalks. Clients can spend their time working at one of the many businesses or enjoying the local attractions.

Transcend also has a home in New York City. In this home, clients can enjoy city life while working towards their recovery. Our traditional brownstone is located in the trendy Upper West Side.

Finally, we also have a charming home in Houston, Texas. Located in the safe beautiful Houston Heights neighborhood, our sober living facility provides men the resources to transition into independent living.

Men's Sober Living Los Angeles

Come join us at one of our beautiful Los Angeles sober living homes. There is a vibrant recovery community at Transcend waiting to support you.

11150 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 760-A, Los Angeles CA 90064

Men's Sober Living New York

There is a vibrant New York sober living community at Transcend waiting to support you on your road to recovery.

343 W 71st St, New York, NY 10023, United States

Men's Sober Living Houston, Texas

Imagine making new friends and living with purpose in the exciting, beautiful, and peaceful Houston Heights neighborhood in Texas.

945 Harvard St, Houston, TX 77008, United States

If you feel like you need help with leading a sober life, contact us, or give us a call at (800) 208-1211.

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