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Detox and rehabilitation programs are essential aspects of any successful recovery journey. Those who are recovering cannot go through the process without adequate endorsement and assistance. On occasion, clients need additional assistance that goes beyond these psychological and physiological health programs; this is where case management services come into play, and Transcend Recovery Community is a preferred company for case management.

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You can also call us at (800) 208-1211

What Are Case Management Services?

Case management is a part of a health care delivery systems workflow that identifies the appropriate services and appropriate providers related to client wellness. It may involve direct communication, service facilitation, and a collaborative process based on sound principles to achieve optimum value for the smoothest possible effort where sobriety is concerned.

How Does Transcend Provide Case Management Services?

Transcend provides quality case managing services with the underlying premise of getting the right people for optimum level of efficiency. We carefully screen our case managers, social workers, care coordination providers, and other services personnel to support systems and quantify the skills and experience required for this service. We also take our time in carefully enforcing care coordination and proper communication as case managers work with various areas of treatment which is crucial for the success of a patient's recovery.

Our advocacy is to care for the mental and physiological health of every individual through the help of our case manager and a team of specialists to help patients eventually lead rewarding and empowered lives.

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What Are Typical Case Management Services?

Our case management services aid our clients on multiple levels. Some of the typical services that fall under this umbrella are as follows: assessment, case planning, progress monitoring, resources, and benefits. These different facets affect the overall flow of mental health medical care providers, from specialists to social services, insurance companies, and services providers.

We employ an education practice and approach as part of the skills that every case manager possesses to ensure they can competently assist and facilitate contact or communication with different parties, whether they're a family member or various service providers. Transcend's advocacy is to provide quality and educational mental health practice that supports the full recovery of a patient.

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What is a Case Manager?

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A case manager is a health professional which directs all resources and facilitates communication among the different departments involved in the mental health treatment and supervision of a client. They have particular skills that are aimed at the administration of a client's holistic health and successful recovery.

As overcoming addiction may vary for different recovering individuals, specific care and attention must be given as directed by case managers when applying different treatment perspectives and documented approaches to the medical/treatment process. A case manager will coordinate, for example, with social services or treatment partners to ascertain the best medical or behavioral strategy applicable to a particular addiction recovery case.

The case manager supports and commits themself to creating the best possible recovery scenarios for clients through raising their advocacy in any way that is required. Transcend trains its team to take a client-centric approach, as that is the only way to ensure that there is a higher probability of success. Apart from advocating for clients and seeking resources, the client must also feel included and supported throughout the process.

What Are the Benefits of Receiving Case Management Services?

Many people who are overcoming addiction require various outpatient services and other forms of care. Securing all aspects is not the most straightforward task for the client, as there are hurdles that need a dedicated focus. Managing outpatient treatment, finding a sober living, support group location, benefits registration, keeping appointments, etc., can make the process difficult.

Additionally, the case management support we provide to our clients compounds the motivation to succeed on the road to recovery. There are some groups of people, such as those who have relapsed in the past, who stand to gain from having case managing services in their corner.

Receiving case managing services via a case manager lightens this burden by removing the administrative overhead from the client’s plate. Transcend wants to remind everyone that it is perfectly fine to accept help, whether emotional or medical, especially when it comes from a place of genuine care.

We acknowledge the fact that our clients are no less than human, and mistakes do not define them. All we need to do is assist where necessary to keep their lives in smooth-running order.

Are There Case Management Services Near Me?

A case manager is easily within reach thanks to Transcend's various locations across the country. You may find our facilities in Houston, LA, and New York, where you can find be aided on your mental health issues and concerns, while providing a haven for healing and new beginnings--this is our true advocacy.

Call the case management services specialists at Transcend today at 800-208-1211 or use our contact us form and see how joining the Transcend community can change your life.

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