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Recovery can take numerous forms. For many people, it involves taking medications to get things back on track. Unfortunately, numerous factors can make the process of using medicine less straightforward than it should be. This issue is the reason that medication management services and medication therapy management can be necessary.

Transcend offers an excellent medication management service, which supports our client’s needs to improve their chances of recovery.

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What Is Medication Management?

Living a life with as few medications as possible is hard to accomplish in our current generation, especially with the emergence of lifestyle-induced diseases. That's why managing prescribing medication, especially in mental health issues, needs strict supervision, one which would involve a medication management plan that helps doctors and pharmacists determine such as the right medication, right dosage, medication list (for multiple medications and psychiatric medications), and the medical history of the patient are all considered.

All of these are an essential part of many patients' recovery programs, most especially for patients undergoing mental health conditions (such as anxiety and depression disorders) who are at risk of developing persisting symptoms and other conditions if not given proper psychiatric care.

Transcend's medication management eliminates these worries by providing consistent patient care through accountability and consistency.

Does Transcend Provide Medication Therapy Management?

Transcend's medication management programs play an important role in patients as they improve the quality of their recovery and well-being. It identifies the safety of dosages by identifying the right dose or doses, eliminating unnecessary medications, and ensuring consistency in taking these medicines.

Medication management also involves accountability and auditing, especially for mental health issues (such as anxiety and depression), to take note of an individual's medication list and remind patients to stay consistent with their prescription medications for rehabilitation, at the same time take note of new medication to help. It also allows the patients to reduce their dependence on psychiatric medication so that they can lead a life of safety and fulfillment.

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Methods Used in Medication Management Therapy for Mental Health

Transcend employs effective strategies in all its programs with the management of medications as no exception. We aim to improve the quality of life among patients, especially those with high mental health risk further reducing their symptoms and the possibility of developing other conditions, such as anxiety by achieving these three intended objectives:

Motivation strategies - we help the patient make a fundamental mental adjustment toward their drug intake.

Follow-up - the patient is introduced to medicinal accountability. We evaluate the patient's behavior objectively to make adjustments to their dosage and medication list. We also engage and inform a family member of this for expanded awareness.

Engagement - As with any clinic or proud member of national mental health organizations, we aim to provide positivity through effective communication and addressing concerns a patient may have about the process.

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Who Should Seek Medication Management?

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Medication management is applicable for the following people:

A patient who doesn't completely adhere to their course of medication when they feel better or when symptoms have improved.

A patient who has become wholly dependent on pain medication. In this instance, pain medication therapy may help in combating this urge.

A patient who has a hard time following or sticking to their medication schedule.

An individual who has thought of overdosing themselves or causing self-harm through the abuse of their prescription. A family member must be present at all times and consult this with their doctor.

What Are the Effects of Non-Adherence to the Medication Management Process?

Even if you get assistance where medication management is concerned, you still need to respect and follow the guidelines for it to work. Transcend does not administer medications for clients. Our purpose is to keep you on track and to put the necessary elements in place to keep you accountable.

Even when factors that could prevent you from taking the medicinal drugs are removed from the equation, the final decision is still yours. If you decide to be delinquent, here are some potential effects:

• Higher spending in the long-term to correct the damage done by not allowing for effective treatment to take its course

• Compromised quality of life because the medicinal pill or tablet did not get to achieve its intended effect

• Possible death in the case where the pharmaceutical pill is geared towards treating life-threatening illnesses or complications

• Creation of mental troubles and worry for family members and other close persons concerned about your wellbeing

• Illness escalations for ailments that have subsequent and more severe phases when they aren’t treated

We don’t want our clients to deal with any of these effects, so we implore them to help us help them by taking the medicines when we indicate it’s time.

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