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Transcend is different than other sober livings, they have surf therapy, a chef, art group, yoga, a gym membership and recovery!

– Amanda G.

My favorite part about Transcend is the amazingly supportive community! It's filled with recovery, fun and freedom!

– Katie B.

Transcend is as good as it gets. It's a top notch organization from top to bottom where addicts and alcoholics get the highest quality treatment and care available.

– Mike M.
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Rehabilitation from a debilitating addiction disorder is too much for one person to shoulder. Even with numerous treatments, no matter how effective they are, lack of support from post-therapy and exposure to toxic environments can trigger patients from reverting to their old habits.

Further research has shown that recovery homes contribute to a higher chance of long-term sobriety and recovery for patients living in sober homes than for those that did not.  

Community-led recovery program initiatives, such as Transcend Recovery Community, offer living arrangements for patients and give them the chance to rehabilitate in suitable conditions that emphasize chemical dependence, mental wellness, and wellbeing.

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You can also call us at (800) 208-1211

What Is A Recovery Home?

Recovery Home program relates to living situations that are drug-free—advocating for sound and healthy practices, and ultimately a sober life while promoting care for individuals who are currently in the process of recovery from their drug dependence or psychological issues. 

Meanwhile, a sober living program has proven to help people undergoing continuous recovery and is often advised by mental health specialists to most of their patients. Usually, patients and recovering addicts who worked harder to improve can avail these living arrangements during treatment or post-rehabilitation.

The patient can determine whether they should extend their stay in a recovery home. Generally, this setup or environment may last from a couple of months or up to years, depending on their recovery pace. With the help of mental wellness counselors and sober companions, recovering addicts or psychological disorder sufferers can monitor their progress and be guided in their commitment to self-betterment. 

What Are The Benefits Of Recovery Homes?

Sober living homes encourage people suffering from substance use disorders and liquor abuse to strengthen their recovery process as we provide safe housing resources and a chance to reconnect not only with themselves but with their families. It covers many aspects of a resident's life and gains structure and ultimately independence from this experience.

Nutrition & Wellness

Halfway houses nourish the body once ruined by drug and alcohol abuse and help recover by introducing a healthy and balanced diet and exercise to a resident's daily regimen.

Reduced Likelihood of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Relapse

A relapse prevention program within a recovery home safeguards patients from potentially returning to substance and alcohol use and provides assistance to these vulnerable individuals, especially in early-stage recovery.

Improvement On Relationships

Residents can hope for reconnection from estranged loved ones as they recover from their issues with drugs, and work on these relationships long-term.

What Is The Primary Purpose Of A Recovery Home?

Recovery residences provide support and another chance in life thanks to a structured program. Their drug addiction recovery is supplemented by a support-driven environment that promotes hope and a chance to realign themselves to eventually land a future job/employment opportunity and permanent housing brought about by self-sufficiency.

A Haven For Recovery Through Substance Abuse Treatment

Sober living homes support residents with their drug and alcohol issues through constant support and supervision. Their structured life inside sober homes is proven successful for them to remain sober and drug-free long-term by following strict house rules.

There's usually sober living for women specifically offered with the help of a mental health mentor for recovery coaching.

Maintaining Sobriety At All Times

Recovery residences help improve the quality of life and health through a strict environment with specific programs that promote sobriety at all times. Residents are constantly checked and encouraged to practice self-control and accountability too.

Empowering Residents With Valuable Life Skills

Incorporating life skills program inside recovery residences gives a sense of hope to addiction recovery as they gain vital skills that would help them get a job or maintain sobriety in the real world post-recovery.

What's The Role Of These Homes In Maintaining Recovery?

Recovery housing acts as a failsafe for residents so that they can remain consistent with their treatment programs, especially during their crucial time of early recovery.

Instilling The Value Of Trust And Accountability

Through recovery home programs, residents are taught to be accountable and responsible for their every action which would help them function better in society in the future.

Preparing Residents To Become Productive Members Of Society

Employment and aftercare programs introduced during their recovery home period help build back their self-esteem and fortitude once they finish their inpatient rehabilitation and substance use afflictions and addiction treatment.

Are There Recovery Homes Near Me?

Recovery homes are easily accessible for most people, primarily in areas like Los Angeles, Houston, and New York. These recovery homes are also gender-sensitive and have living arrangements classified as men's sober living or women's sober living style of accommodations.

 Luxury sober living provides an elevated comfort by providing sophisticated living spaces with bespoke service and dedicated staff in attendance.

Transcend Recovery Community offers a wide variety of sober living options that you may consider for your particular type and need for addiction and mental rehab therapy. Talk to a recovery specialist today at 800-208-1211 or contact Transcend directly from the web to learn more about our recovery homes.

Los Angeles Recovery Homes

Come join us at one of our beautiful Los Angeles sober living homes. There is a vibrant recovery community at Transcend waiting to support you.

11150 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 760-A, Los Angeles CA 90064

New York Recovery Homes

There is a vibrant New York sober living community at Transcend waiting to support you on your road to recovery.

343 W 71st St, New York, NY 10023, United States

Houston Recovery Homes

Imagine making new friends and living with purpose in the exciting, beautiful, and peaceful Houston Heights neighborhood in Texas.

945 Harvard St, Houston, TX 77008, United States

Transcend Recovery Community offers a wide variety of sober living options that you may consider for your particular type and need for addiction and mental health therapy. Talk to a recovery specialist today at 800-208-1211 or contact Transcend directly from the web to learn more.

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