House Program Directors

Transcend Program Director - Yale House
Charles Thomas
Transcend Program Director - New York House
Ned Van Zandt
Transcend Program Director - Harvard House
Dakota Ledford
Transcend Program Director - Harvard Texas
Kevin Roberts
Transcend Program Director - Women’s Texas
Zoe Pulido

Corporate Team

Chief Executive Officer
Joni Ogle, LCSW, CSAT
Chief Operating Officer
Adam Zagha
Director of Human resources
Ely Pugh
Business Development and Outreach
Jeanne Vandervort
Director of Admissions
Roya Shojaee
Admissions Specialist
Brendon Butler
Admissions Specialist
Kari Morton
Director of Alumni
Elliot Bokman
Director of Mentoring & Family Programming
Danielle Pelteir
Family Coordinator
Josh Mirmelli

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