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What is a Mental Health Companion?

Your mental health companion (MHC) is someone who will believe in your ambitions, support your plans for change, care for your psychological and physical health, and hold you personally accountable for your progress. Your MHC is the greatest advocate in your quest to reach a balanced state of mind.

Transcend Recovery Community identified this rising need for mental health companions through its constant research and training, to ensure that recovering individuals get the best support they need and deserve. With resources consisting of professional and highly-trained mental health companions joining its team, encouragement, positive motivation, and accountability are instilled in those recovering individuals during their crucial transitioning period post-rehabilitation treatment.

Most often than not, people who seek therapy do so because they're experiencing mental distress (such as anxiety, substance addiction, and long-term depression) and could benefit from active support, guidance, or treatment for their emotional and behavioral problems. In the US alone, four in 10 American adults have been to counseling or therapy at some point in their lives. Mental health companions work to increase the availability of this kind of support to people in the community, especially those experiencing social isolation.

Through psychological health companioning and the desire to provide the highest quality services that would benefit the long-term health and safety of individuals, patients can explore better options to avoid the regression of their symptoms. A client may consider these professionally-trained companions as one of the main support systems within their treatment program.

They can benefit largely from the constant and on-demand support they can get, and explore different facets within themselves that would help them function better once their treatment and recovery phase is over, such as a skills-based program that largely focused on training and gearing them to become productive and independent.

What are the Benefits of Mental Health Companioning?

The day-to-day life challenges of a person suffering from psychological health issues (such as bipolar disorder, anxiety, trauma, substance addiction, and depression) adversely impact an individual's well-being. It induces stress which can severely alter their mood and stability affecting their relationship with their families or loved ones.

Apart from medication management, mental health companionship is one of the highest quality services that not only provides professional guidance to a client but also physical & emotional reassurance as they continue with their progress towards recovery.

Some of the noticeable benefits of psychological health companioning are:

  1. Continuous monitoring for the overall safety and wellness of clients is possible with the help of psychological health companioning, making sure that their overall physical health and possible resurfacing symptoms are screened at all times.
  2. Recovering individuals can get more information and resources related to their psychological health program, as companions assist and direct them to appropriate treatment partners to help them cope better with their lives post-rehab.
  3. Clients get access to and explore support groups so that they can connect better with their family members and relate with peers who have undergone the same s struggles as they did.
  4. Professional companions engage with eligible patients working closely with treatment providers to ensure that all therapeutic strategies and approaches for recovery are consistently met.

Are there mental health companions near me?

Transcend Recovery Community has made sure that adequate mental health recovery, support, and services are accessible to everyone. That is why you can find mental health & recovery companions in more extensive parts of the country, such as Houston, Los Angeles, and New York. With this in mind, recovering individuals can connect with their preferred mental health training partner in helping them in their journey to sobriety.

Los Angeles

Come join us at one of our beautiful Los Angeles sober living homes. There is a vibrant recovery community at Transcend waiting to support you.
11150 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 760-A, Los Angeles CA 90064

New York

There is a vibrant New York sober living community at Transcend waiting to support you on your road to recovery.
343 W 71st St, New York, NY 10023, United States


Imagine making new friends and living with purpose in the exciting, beautiful, and peaceful Houston Heights neighborhood in Texas.
945 Harvard St, Houston, TX 77008, United States

If you're interested to learn more about Transcend Recovery Community's mental health companion program, contact our recovery specialists today at 800-208-1211 or fill out our contact form on our website.

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