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Many studies have shown that sex addiction in women dates back to records as early as the 1800s. Although it is seldom talked about by the general population, such as love addiction, a female sex addict is as authentic as any other medical condition. Transcend Recovery is here to shed light on the condition and the person affected by this to better help anyone seeking answers. Read on to find out more.

Female Sex Addiction Explained

Female sex addiction is a condition that affects women in much the same way as male sex addiction does, though there are some differences.

It's important to understand that sex addiction is not simply a result of a lack of sexual education or poor self-esteem. It's a complex psychiatric disorder that involves compulsive behavior, deceitfulness, and neglecting one's responsibilities.

For example, a woman might engage in multiple extramarital affairs and feel compelled to continue even after she has been caught out by her partner. Or perhaps she uses sex to cope with stress or anxiety; this could lead her to engage in risky sexual behavior that puts her at risk for sexually transmitted diseases or other health problems.

Female sex addicts tend to exhibit more compulsive sexual behaviors than male sex addicts do—for example, they may engage in frequent masturbation or use pornography frequently and excessively—but they also tend to identify themselves as "sluts" or "whores" and feel guilty about their actions.

Signs of a Female Sex Addict

Female sex addicts don't usually have a stereotype or physical attributes that make them easily identifiable. However, it is their obvert and consistent compulsive sexual behavior that dictates why they are classified as sexual addicts.

Here are some of the most common tell-tale signs that you can identify sex addiction in women.

  • Compulsive masturbation.
  • Use of pornography or visual material with sexual acts.
  • Frequent sexual encounters with multiple partners or even one-night stands involving unprotected sex and no emotional connection to the partner(s).
  • Having multiple affairs with different sexual partners while in a committed relationship, or even after the relationship has ended.

If you relate to the following signs of a sex addict, you shouldn't feel ashamed because as with any compulsive sexual behaviour, there is still hope for change. Women, people, or any other individual can be affected by just about anything related to a hypersexual disorder. But for as long as you seek help and do something before it worsens, this diagnosable condition may be treated and you can lead quite a normal life in no time.

Symptoms of Women with Sex Addiction

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Women with sex addiction can have a range of symptoms, which can include:

  • Feeling out of control around sex.
  • Engaging in sexual compulsions or sexual urges to achieve lasting satisfaction.
  • Using sex to cope with stress, anxiety, or depression.
  • Neglecting other responsibilities and relationships because of a desire to engage in sexual activities.

As sex addiction is a type of process addiction, there are certain ways to identify these symptoms with the help of trained support from licensed medical professionals. People who undergo this similar to a hypersexual disorder need to have ample emotional support and a thorough check and assistance on their mental health. That way, they can process their sexual compulsions better and understand the root cause of their sexual behavior with more compassion.

Male vs. Female Sex Addiction

There are several differences between sexual addiction in men and women.

Men are more likely to develop sexual addiction than women. About 90% of people with sexual addiction are male.

Women who suffer from sexual addiction tend to prefer anonymous sex over personal relationships. Men who suffer from sexual addiction do not usually place as much importance on anonymity or physical intimacy as women do.

Women with sexual addiction tend to have lower rates of substance abuse. Men with sexual addiction have higher rates of substance abuse than women with sexual addiction.

With these similarities and some minor differences, it is better to note these with your attending mental health counselor or specialist so that they can help you with the appropriate and effective treatment to help you deal with the shame you've felt, as well as manage your sexual urges and have a better acceptance of your sexuality.

In turn, you'll be able to cope better in your daily life and avoid that compulsive pursuit of sex and other odd or abnormal sexual behavior.

Is there Treatment for Sex Addiction

Treatment for sex addiction is available in many forms (be it in the form of inpatient or outpatient treatment), from one-on-one counseling to group therapy to holistic treatment.

One of the most effective forms of treatment for sex addiction is cognitive behavioral therapy. In this treatment, patients learn about their triggers and thought patterns that lead to unhealthy behaviors, as well as how to change those thoughts and behaviors.

Other types of therapy include group therapy and family counseling. In these forms of treatment, patients can benefit from sharing their experiences with others going through similar issues. It can help them feel more supported and less alone in their struggle with sex addiction.

Some people also choose to attend Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings to receive support from other people who have overcome addictions like theirs.

You can also complement your treatment by choosing to stay at sober living residences, such as a halfway house. In this type of environment, you can feel supported, cared for, and heard—something that recovering sex addict desperately needs to help them cope better with their sexual behaviour.

As you seek change from effective treatment, you must commit yourself fully to the prescribed program for you to have the chance to have sobriety in your daily life.

Can Transcend Recovery Community Specifically Help Female Sex Addicts?

Transcend Recovery Community does its best in helping relieve addiction in women by providing supplemental services to help strengthen mental health and show the addicted person that they are loved and cared for.

Our holistic approach ensures that you get ample support and that an addicted person gets to understand themself and their sexual behavior better.

Contact us to find out how Transcend can help you better.

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