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Date rape drugs may seem like something coming straight from a crime show. But the sad reality is that it has affected many people and continuously haunts thousands of lives up until this day. Transcend Recovery Community is here to enlighten you about date rape drugs, including vital information you may need about these substances. Read on to find out more.

What are Roofies?

Roofies refer to date rape drugs used for people to intentionally get them unconscious. It originated with the drug Rohypnol, a depressant and benzodiazepine with the generic name "Flunitrazepam." It's one of the most common date rape drugs out on the market at present and is not legally available in the United States.

The term "getting roofied" has become common and now refers to various medications used as a sedative to lure vulnerable individuals, usually women, for perpetrators to commit a sexual assault without the victim having any recollection of what happened to them.

Victims are often tricked into getting roofied with date rape drugs or any similar drug spiked to their drinks. Sexual assault and abuse mostly happen with young adults, particularly in different situations such as house parties, clubs, or even dates. Statistics show that 13% to 27% of college-aged women are the common victims of date rape and date rape drugs

People who have been roofied (meaning drugged) are often defenseless and intoxicated with either a combination of alcohol, a date rape drug, and a hypnotic drug with powerful effects.

Types of Roofie Drugs

An assailant may use various types of Roofie drugs that allow them to commit sexual assault easily. Most of these drugs are understandably illegal in the United States and couldn't be easily procured in the market. Many types of roofie drugs can either be in pill or tablet form, liquid/suspension, or powder form that can be easily mixed into drinks without leaving any aftertaste nor would it alter the beverage or food served to the victim.

The most common date drugs are the following:

  • GHB (Gamma-hydroxybutyric acid) - This form of depressant comes in many names such as "easy lay," "Georgia homeboy," "Cherry meth," "Liquid X," "Liquid ecstasy," "organic Quaalude," and "G-Riffic." It is often used for the treatment of narcolepsy but may result in people having confusion and blurred memory.
  • Rohypnol - While illegal in the United States, Rohypnol is arguably the most common date rape drug known by people. It comes in many street names such as, "Mexican valium," "Circles," "La Rocha," and "Forget-me Pill." Its pill form is often turned into powder and mixed into drinks to have women drugged and later assaulted or raped.
  • Ketamine - This disassociative drug lets an individual feel detached from reality as its side effect. Known better as "K," "Vitamin K," or "Cat valium," it was first used by veterinarians and medical professionals for anesthesia. It is also used for treatment-resistant depression under strictly supervised settings.
  • Alcohol - Alcohol is often the medium of choice by attackers when combining date rape drugs with their victims. As it boosts the effects of most of these drugs, alcohol consumption also weakens the body inducing memory loss so that a victim may remain unconscious and have no recollection of them ever being sexually assaulted by any person.

What do Roofies Do?

a woman who got sexually assaulted by a man who took roofies is being told to be silent while crying

Just like when an individual is snorting Adderall, various types of roofies may have different effects on people, most especially on unsuspecting individuals who fall prey to sexual assault. Here's how each drug may interact with date rape substances:

  • GHB - this particular drug may make a person forgetful and sleepy. It can take effect in just 15 to 30 minutes, and may up to six hours.
  • Rohypnol - used for muscle relaxation, it causes memory problems, weakened muscle control, and amnesia when consumed. Rohypnol can immediately take effect after half an hour and peak a couple of hours after ingestion. You can feel its effects for up to 12 hours for as little as one milligram of this drug.
  • Ketamine - Special K induces hallucinations and makes someone feel drowsy. An overdose may cause someone to have a seizure and a coma. A suspect would often mix it with beverages as it immediately takes effect within 30 minutes lasting for up to two hours.

Signs and Symptoms of Being Given a Date Rape Drug

While people may experience varying symptoms or side effects when given a date rape substance, there are common and telling signs that you have to be aware of to determine whether you have been roofied. Let's look at these common signs and symptoms.

  • Feeling of fogginess
  • Unusual interactions with strangers
  • Unexplained memory gaps
  • Sedative feelings
  • Problems with focusing
  • Reduced alertness
  • Confusion
  • Anxiety
  • Paralyzed feeling
  • Problems with muscle control
  • Nausea

After-effects that a victim can immediately feel include the following:

  • migraine or headache
  • muscle pain
  • photosensitivity
  • confusion
  • tingling sensation
  • Gaps in memory
  • restlessness
  • pain in sensitive regions (when sexually assaulted)

People who experienced rape or are being drugged should be admitted to the nearest hospital to receive proper medical attention right away.

How to Avoid Being Roofied?

We always hear the old proverb, "prevention is better than cure." The truth is this is the best protection you can have to avoid this problem. Here are some reminders to keep in mind to stay safe.

  • When outside, always pour your own drinks and avoid open containers that can be easily spiked by substances. Refrain from accepting drinks from random strangers.
  • Be in control of yourself and your alcohol intake. If possible, bring it to you wherever you go to avoid any potential contamination.
  • Never drink anything that may taste strange.
  • When going out, it's best to be in the company of a trusted friend.
  • Make sure to meet someone in a safe place, especially when going out on a date with someone for the first time.

How to Recover from Being Roofied?

Recovering from Adderall addiction is not the same as recovering from being roofied. However, there need to be precise actions to be taken for you to fully recover from the trauma of this experience.

If you feel like you have been roofied and you are feeling its effects, you must seek medical attention right away. Going to the hospital and getting proper treatment right away helps you manage side effects and avoid getting fatal consequences.

It's crucial to any victim of assault, such as many women who long suffered in silence due to their experience with rape to have proper support. Nearly everyone who has experienced trauma must be able to process this by seeking professional help whether in a rehab center or other specialized trauma therapy treatment centers. Contacting the National Sexual Assault hotline also helps people get the proper knowledge they need to find the appropriate professional help they need.

People casually involved in drug addiction to cope with their trauma from date rape can seek help either via inpatient or outpatient drug rehab. Staying at a halfway house also helps them not just to process their addiction but gives them an idea that there is a bright future ahead of them despite the horrors of their past.

Can Transcend Recovery Community Assist Those Struggling with Alcohol and Drugs?

Recovering from a dark point in your life brought about by a person forcing themselves on you and committing heinous acts is never a walk in the park. It takes more than mental fortitude and therapy from treatment centers to help you bounce back.

Transcend Recovery Community provides supplemental care and support that a person needs during these crucial times. With sober living, a person can experience support and empowerment from a community that sees and understands their trauma.

To learn more about how Transcend can help you further, don't hesitate to reach out and contact us today.

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