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Sometimes, it’s hard to remember to have fun. And some recovering addicts might want to stay away from “having fun” because having a good time might have meant drinking or drug use in the past. Now, that you’re sober recovery might mean going to work, tending to your family, following the 12-step program, and essentially following the straight and narrow path. Yet, without activities that are fun, creative, rewarding, and enjoyable something in the heart can begin to feel sad and depressed.

We need to have life-affirming activities to keep ourselves happy and fulfilled. It’s important to think about the activities you really enjoy and include them in your week! What are the types of activities you appreciate, ones that you can really get lost in? What do you get so absorbed in doing that you’re not thinking about anything else? Usually, creative activities can do this! You might try one of the following to inspire the creative spirit and boost feelings of fulfillment and enjoyment:

  • Gather some wood and get creative with woodworking.
  • Learn how to knit a sweater or a warm blanket.
  • Spend some time building model airplanes, trains, or ships.
  • Go to a serene place in nature and take photos of the beauty you see there.
  • Work with metal, beads, and gems to create jewelry.
  • Drive to a nearby lake and spend time fishing.
  • Learn songs on the piano and play them for your friends.
  • Spend time with a favorite pet.
  • Listen to relaxing music or make some of your own music.
  • Write in your journal.
  • Go through old photos of friends and family members you love and then create a collage.
  • Spend the evening painting.
  • Write a letter to a friend.
  • Make yourself your favorite dinner.
  • Play a musical instrument and get into the creative spirit.
  • Read or write some poetry to open the heart and invoke insight.
  • Indulge in your favorite hobby, such as stamps or a scrapbook or anything else.
  • Gather some colorful paper, magazine clips, and scissors to create a vision board of your hopes for the future.

Artistic expression can be incredibly rewarding. You can get deeply in touch with yourself and most people enjoy the pleasure of self-expression. When you are creative, you have the opportunity to get in touch with what's inside of you. You can access what you want to express, including what you need to express but haven’t had the courage to do so. For many people, the most challenging part of including creativity and other fulfilling activities in their day is just simply getting started. It’s easy to get caught up in responsibility and the demands of staying sober.

However, creative and fun activities can contribute to an overall sense of well being. You may want to schedule these types of activities in your week, or you may even take an entire day to be creative. Once you’re spending more and more time being creative, you’re likely to notice its positive effect on health and happiness.

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