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It's a known fact that nearly half of Americans have a family member or close friend addicted to drugs. This becomes a bigger problem in couples when substance addiction puts a strain on their romantic relationship leading to further problems such as domestic violence or worse.

Transcend Recovery Community is here to share more info on how the recovery process is possible for couples especially when it involves drug and alcohol addiction, or substance use. Read more.

Are There Private Alcohol and Drug Rehab for Couples?

Alcohol and drug addiction are not simply personal issues, they impact every relationship in which an addict and his or her partner find themselves. Couples who have been affected by addiction often feel disconnected from one another, leading to emotional distance and resentment.

For couples to work through this addiction, each partner must address the issues that arise from their relationship due to the addiction. In some cases, this may include addressing underlying trauma that may have occurred before the addiction; in others, it may mean processing the emotional burdens that were caused by the addiction itself.

Private rehab facilities specifically catering to couples allow partners to process these issues without having to face them alone or in small groups. These facilities also provide tools for understanding how you might be contributing to your pain as a result of your partner's behavior, as well as ways for you both to move forward together in healing from the effects of addiction on your relationship

What is The Treatment Process of Alcohol and Drug Therapy for Couples Like?

Couple therapy is a type of substance abuse treatment that places both partners in the same room. This treatment program is designed to help both married and cohabiting individuals who are suffering from alcohol or drug abuse problems. Its purpose is to promote abstinence and better enhance the dynamic between partners in their relationship.

This form of healing promotes abstinence made by committing to a "recovery contract" in which a couple is rewarded for abstinence through a daily ritual.

As each partner works towards sobriety, the couple may experience more or less the same mutual support in the program. To further understand how the process works, let us look at what is typically done during the treatment process:

  • The therapist will couple on their progress with the therapist checking if they did not engage in any harmful activity such as substance abuse.
  • targets set from the previous session are tracked.
  • Both partners are asked to accomplish homework which the therapist will evaluate later on.
  • Pre-existing or new problems arising will be discussed by the couple with their counselor.
  • The therapist devises assignments for the couple that would help them overcome substance abuse.

What are the Elements of Couples Rehab Treatment?

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Regardless if a couple experiences inpatient or outpatient treatment for their therapy, they will receive an equal level of support, care, and compassion needed for their sobriety journey.

Their treatment also comprises many elements providing a well-rounded approach to the couple's recovery. Let's take a look at each one of them.

Detoxification & Withdrawal

Detox is a process that is designed to remove toxins from the body. The process can be accompanied by withdrawal symptoms as the body adjusts to life without drugs during inpatient or outpatient mental health programs.

Behavioral Therapy

At a psychotherapy session, you'll work with your therapist to understand how addiction has shaped your relationship.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

In Medication-assisted treatment (MAT), the procedure can significantly improve stability in the first year of recovery. While it's important to understand that MAT may cause some individuals to experience a relapse, it can also help them maintain sobriety after they have achieved stability.

Therapeutic and Alternative Therapies/Activities

Couples may engage in partner activities where relaxation and recreation are the main focus. They can engage in spa-like amenities such as acupuncture, yoga, art therapy, massage therapy, and practicing mindfulness.

Sobriety After Luxury Couples Rehab

There are many ways for a couple to maintain sobriety even long after their rehabilitation period has ended. They can continue staying at a sober living program, continue having post-treatment sessions or join a recovery group. This is to ensure that they are able to transition to society seamlessly without worrying about relapse.

  • Sober living - The couple can have an extended stay in a transitional home that is free from drugs or substances. These homes often have life skills and coping skills training to help them transition better.
  • Outpatient mental health - an after-care program post-recovery ensures that couples will still feel supported, especially when they have doubts after such a long time seeking treatment while enforcing new recovery skills as part of repairing relationships.
  • Joining a recovery group - There is strength and comfort in numbers, and joining a 12-step or other recovery group helps in maintaining sobriety. Group sessions also encourage a couple to fully embrace the recovery process freeing their minds of doubts, especially in early recovery.

Couples Therapy and Codependency

Codepency may arise as the main issue during addiction treatment in a couples therapy program. It's not as easy as treating, say, alcohol withdrawal or aspirin & alcohol addiction as codependency is specifically rooted in a two-way dynamic. Fortunately, most couples' rehab programs also cover this in helping partners develop into a more matured relationship.

Can Transcend Recovery Community Help Couples with Drug or Alcohol Addiction?

Transcend Recovery Community can definitely help couples who are undergoing a couples' therapy program whether they're in a more serious or a less matured relationship. We help couples process their trauma by offering supportive or supplemental services complementing their behavioral couples therapy.

Find out how we can help you and your partner experience long-term sobriety and relief. contact us today.

Transcend Recovery Community

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