Phentermine & Alcohol - Is it Safe?

Alcohol Addiction

Research conducted shows that an estimated 15% of American adults have used weight-loss or diet pills at one point in their lives. Unfortunately, there has been a rise in weight management drug misuse with Phentermine and alcohol as some of the main drivers of this problem.

We at Transcend Recovery Community are here to shed light on this by sharing with you what you need to know about this stimulant drug and alcohol combo, including pertinent information regarding drug and alcohol rehab, and its many side effects (physical, psychological, and cardiovascular side effects). Continue reading to find out more.

Is It Safe to Take Phentermine with Alcohol?

Taking Phentermine while mixing alcohol with it is never a safe option. It puts you and the people around you in danger as a result of this practice. Mixing alcohol and Phentermine, and engaging in substance misuse already present side effects that can affect your day-to-day life and also cause great distress to your overall health. You may feel ill and experience concerning side effects such as chest pain, and the potential to impact your central nervous system negatively too.

Alcohol and Phentermine also increase your risk of developing overdose. Alcohol's numbing and tranquilizing effects (worse when you're on prescription meds) may also be the cause of taking more drugs than what your physician prescribes or what your body allows. As we all know, an overdose may lead to fatal results.

Alcohol may also interfere with the efficacy of Phentermine. Therefore, you may not get your desired result as alcohol affects how the body reacts to the chemical, and may even turn it into something more toxic.

The best way to do this is to allow for your prescription course to finish, especially in the case of Phentermine which is intended to be taken for a short period, before drinking alcohol. That way, you are no longer in harm's way as these two substances may counteract.

Remember that people respond uniquely to various drugs and one small mistake of just a few drinks may lead to more catastrophic scenarios.

What is Phentermine?

Phentermine is a safe and effective drug prescribed by medical professionals for weight loss efforts. Similar to amphetamines, it stimulates the central nervous system to burn fat by increasing your heart rate and blood pressure while also decreasing your appetite.

It comes in various brand names such as the following:

  • Obenix
  • Phentercot
  • T-Diet
  • Zantryl
  • Ionamin

Used for obesity treatment, it is often prescribed together with a healthy diet and sufficient amount of exercise, especially in people with high risks on:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes

Although safe for use in most cases, Phentermine is extremely potent and can be highly addictive. It is classified under Schedule IV of the Controlled Substances Schedules/Act. Mixing alcohol and Phentermine can bring about various concerning side effects that may impact your body largely.

As with any weight loss program, Phentermine will only be effective once you start adopting a healthier lifestyle, meaning avoiding unhealthy foods and avoiding alcohol (even only a small amount) while maintaining a healthy body mass index.

Side Effects of Phentermine

Here are the following side effects common for people using Phentermine:

  • Stomach aches
  • Blurred vision
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Cardiovascular side effects, such as heart disease/heart attack
  • Chest pain
  • High blood pressure
  • Dry mouth
  • Sleepiness
  • Nervousness
  • Constipation
  • Tingling sensation in extremities

What Are the Risks of Drinking while on Phentermine?

a man who is addicted to alcohol is seen here sitting on the floor and drinking whiskey

Similar to Macrobid & alcohol, mixing alcohol while taking prescription drugs to lose weight poses various risks that not only take a toll on your health but may also bring various negatives in your life if left untreated or unresolved. Here are some of the possible risks you may encounter when mixing alcohol and phentermine:

  • Long-term hepatic damage - People habitually mixing alcohol and Phentermine don't see it now, but they are forcing their liver to work double time in processing substances and getting rid of toxins in their body. Liver disease can be one of the most worrying conditions that they need to watch out for in the longer term.
  • Possible addiction - As alcohol affects a person's mental health, mixing alcohol and phentermine can also lead to addiction. At this point, it could either worsen a person's alcohol addiction or trigger them to develop a pill addiction which may pose several risks if not addressed right away.
  • Isolation from friends and family - most addiction problems lead to people neglecting their relationships with their partners, families, and friends. The more they fall deeper into their problem, the farther they lose their connections with the people who matter. These people must see and understand their situation to help them recover from their situation.
  • Potential accidents and injuries - As you mix alcohol with any drug, you may find yourself more prone to injuries, especially at work. It's also not safe, especially when traveling/driving, or when operating hazardous machinery as part of your trade or livelihood.

Is There Phentermine Abuse?

Phentermine abuse can happen to anyone, regardless of age, gender, or race. As the drug is highly stimulant, it raises the potential for someone to be eventually addicted to the medication.

Though it is a potent drug for weight loss, Phentermine is a controlled substance that could be habit-forming, especially for people who have a history of substance abuse. Pairing it with alcohol use also puts you at greater risk of abusing the weight loss drug.

When you drink alcohol while taking Phentermine, it affects the way you process your thoughts which can also lead to abuse and may even present severe reactions to your body. You also have the possibility of mixing Phentermine with other drugs which may worsen drug or alcohol abuse, especially if it's already present.

People who are already encountering mental health problems as a result of their substance misuse may undergo various addiction treatment options such as inpatient or outpatient mental health programs. Additionally, they may also need to undergo behavioral or trauma therapy to help process any feelings deeply rooted in their abuse.

While abuse may seem like a difficult problem to solve, talking to medical professionals and your family and loved ones can make drug and alcohol addiction easier to uncover.

Can Transcend Recovery Help with Phentermine and Alcohol Abuse?

Transcend Recovery Community is a mental health partner providing support and supplemental services to clients undergoing alcohol rehab or addiction treatment for their withdrawal symptoms. As alcohol irritates not just your body but your life, we have taken it our duty to bring empowerment to recovering individuals in any way we can.

Through our sober living and recovery homes, we ensure that each individual has a place where they can feel safe and cared for while nursing themselves back to a clean bill of health after their Phentermine and alcohol addiction. We give important life skills training and other engaging activities that help them get better every single day in a positive and encouraging environment.

You can find out more about how we can successfully help people achieve long-term sobriety today. Contact us and we'll have our Recovery Specialist talk to you to discuss how you can begin your sobriety journey.

Transcend Recovery Community

Transcend Recovery Community family of sober living homes provides a safe place for those undergoing mental health and addiction treatment to live with like-minded peers. Our community-based approach to sober living (similarly to a halfway house) facilitates an open and welcoming environment, where members, staff and team can provide support and encouragement on the path to a sober and healthy life. Transcend's Los Angeles sober living homes are located in some of the most iconic areas of the city, filled with luxurious and upscale amenities, providing plenty to do for those in our transitional housing community.

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