Slang Terms and Street Names for Marijuana

The cases of marijuana use in the US account for more than 45 million users aged 12 years old and above. This makes marijuana one of the most popular drugs in the country. As a result, people have come up with different slang terms and street names for marijuana, like weed and pot, to remain discreet.

This article will cover some of the many infamous monickers for marijuana. As a renowned sober living community, Transcend is dedicated to helping recovering marijuana users kick their habits for good. Planning on doing a 180 on your marijuana use? Contact Transcend Recovery Community today.

Why Are There Several Alternative Names for Marijuana

Marijuana has many nicknames due to the fact that different cultures and regions have their own special names for it, influenced by their culture. For example, in India, marijuana was called “ganja,” while “mota” is used in Spanish-speaking countries.

The other factors that led to the creation of the street names for marijuana are as follows:

Legal Evasion

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In places where marijuana use is illegal, people often use slang terms to discuss it without attracting attention from law enforcement. This has led to the creation of many different names for the drug.

Variety of Uses and Forms

Marijuana comes in many forms (e.g., dried leaves, hashish, oil) and can be used in various ways (e.g., smoking, vaping, edibles). Each form and method of use can have its own set of slang terms.

Creativity and Humor

Some terms are created as a form of creative expression or humor. For example, “Mary Jane” is a play based on the Spanish word for marijuana, “marihuana.”

Secrecy and Code

Slang terms can also serve as a form of code among people who smoke pot. This helps them communicate about smoking marijuana discreetly.

Most Recent Slang Terms for Weed

The following terms are recent slang terms for weed and have been recorded in the years after WWII:

Different Types of Marijuana

  • Bash — Cannabis laced or spiked with substances to increase profit for sellers
  • Bazooka —Slang term for a particular strain of cannabis
  • Aunt Mary — Refers to a type of stale weed that’s similar to old kush
  • Dabbing —  Consuming dabs or concentrated forms of butane hash oil (BHO)
  • Doobie or Fatty — A marijuana cigarette; also called a joint

Joint Laced With Other More Dangerous Drugs

  • A-bomb — Marijuana and heroin smoked in a cigarette

Common Slang Terms Associated with Marijuana Use

  • Stoner — Someone who regularly uses marijuana
  • Toke — To smoke pot
  • Munchies — Increased appetite caused by marijuana

Common Slang Terms for the Different Strains of Pot

Acapulco Gold

A special strain of marijuana imported from Acapulco, Mexico that was defined as having a browning gold color by the Oxford English Dictionary. It was first recorded in the mid-1960s in the US.

Mexican Airlines

This is a term for a potent strain of marijuana that is known for giving users a sensation of euphoria or “flying", as well as hallucinations. It’s named after the idea that using it can make you feel like you’re soaring in the sky.

Atom Bomb

This term is used to describe another particular potent strain of marijuana. The name “Atom Bomb” suggests a strong and immediate effect, similar to the explosion of an atomic bomb.

Amp Joint

This name is used to describe a joint that has been rolled with a particularly potent strain of marijuana. The word “amp” is short for “amplified,” which suggests that the effects of the marijuana in the joint are stronger than usual.

Other Common Street Names for Marijuana

  • Buda butter crack
  • Stick boot
  • Jim jones
  • Reefer
  • Flower
  • Bud
  • Blunt
  • Kiff
  • Chronic
  • Indo
  • Cheeba
  • Skunk
  • Hydro

Older Nicknames for Marijuana

The following are some of the older yet common street names for marijuana used during the pre-WWII era:

Giggle Smoke

In the 1930s, U.S. law enforcement referred to pot as “giggle smoke.”  Government authorities sought to prohibit what they perceived as a dangerous drug.

Goof Butts

This term describes marijuana cigarettes. The term gained popularity in the 1930s and 1940s.


This word was popular among joint users in the 1920s. The term’s popularity caught on and continued into the mid-20th century.

Salt and Pepper

Though unclear, the term salt and pepper became an expression for marijuana sometime during the 1940s.


The name is a reference to Mezz Mezzrow, a jazz musician and a notable figure in the cannabis culture in the 1920s.

Mary Warner

Back in the early 1920s, Mary Warner was the more common pseudo-translation for marijuana, as opposed to today’s Mary Jane, which is the personification of the word marijuana.

Grass dope

The term is believed to be a compound term used to refer to pot. “Grass” is a commonly used slang term for marijuana, while “dope” is used to denote any type of drug.

The Popularity of Marijuana Use in Street Culture

Marijuana’s popularity in street culture has been influenced by several factors, such as popular media, which often led to the perception as “cool” or “rebellious.” Over time, societal attitudes toward weed have become more accepting, particularly among younger generations. Peer pressure also plays a significant role in the initiation and continuation of marijuana use in street culture, which often leads to abuse and addiction.

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