Elliot Bokman

Director of Alumni

What is something you do for your health and well-being

?I started boxing about 3 years ago and fell in love with it right away. I find boxing to be a great outlet for most of life’s stresses. We try to get the Yale guys involved with it a few times a week with the opportunity to do some very light sparring down the line if they show interest. Mostly, we do it for a great workout.

What is something unique about your particular house?

The Yale house is not only in close proximity to the beach, but is also centrally located between a lot of the young people’s AA meetings on the Westside. Because our home is surrounded by so many cool restaurants, shops, and sporting stores, our guys are able to get jobs in a field that interests them if employment is one of their goals. Also, most of the staff at the Yale house are musicians and we have daily jam sessions to keep the vibe fun and energetic. It’s great when we get the guys to perform solo or together during a Friday night music meeting. Between the livelihood of Santa Monica and the high energy of our home, I’m proud to say we spend a lot of time just laughing and having fun together!

An important aspect of the Transcend philosophy is building strong bonds within one’s community. We are proud to have Elliot as a longtime family member of ours. As an alumnus of Transcend, he was able to experience all the program has to offer. While in the house, Elliot decided at some point that he wanted an opportunity to work with others and give back. Elliot found his strength in leadership and mentoring. He became inspired to serve and support others through their hardships as he had been. Elliot thrives at helping clients harness their potential and act on it. He approaches each new resident without judgement and with an open mind, and knows that every person’s needs are unique to their recovery. Having grown up in Los Angeles, Elliot understands the opportunities the city provides for self-discovery and exploration. From boxing to surfing, Elliot helps our clients uncover their passions and have fun in recovery.