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Despite offering immediate release for people suffering from anxiety or panic attack episodes, Xanax, such as the green Xanax, has earned notoriety due to its addictive nature. And with people resorting to drug use as a means of escape and temporary relief, the usage of Xanax poses concerns, especially as an option for mental health treatment.

Today, Transcend Recovery Community look further into this drug understanding how it impacts the body, as well as discussing common side effects and withdrawal symptoms that are present in people experiencing Xanax abuse.

What Are Green Xanax Bars (aka Hulk Xanax)?

The anxiety drug earned this monicker due to its green color. Its generic form is Alprazolam, a medication used to treat mental health issues such as panic and anxiety disorders. The drug is classified under benzodiazepines which stimulate the brain and central nervous system to create a calming effect.

It works by increasing the amount of gamma-aminobutyric acid which helps in alleviating the physical symptoms of anxiety and other related disorders. However, due to its addictive nature, some users tend to abuse it for recreational purposes which poses a higher risk of addiction.

While many pharmaceutical companies manufacture the drug, counterfeit drug circulation contributes to wider Xanax abuse. It is estimated in an article published by the National Crime Prevention Council that more than 10% of all pharmaceuticals supplied worldwide are deemed as counterfeit, making it harder to spot fake Xanax and bringing more danger to users who may try using the highest dose of the Xanax drug.

Side Effects of Green Xanax?

woman suffering into anxiety after taking green xanax

As with any medication or drug to treat anxiety or a panic disorder, Xanax has its share of side effects as well. Ranging from mild to life-threatening, it is important for anyone who has this as part of their prescribed medication to understand what these side effects are.

Some of the most common side effects associated with Xanax include:

  • memory impairment
  • headache
  • dysarthria (slurred speech)
  • fatigue

However, when taken in high doses or without proper assessment by an attending physician, Xanax may pose serious health risks such as:

  • memory loss
  • a noticeable decrease in motor coordination
  • slow reaction time and information processing
  • increased anxiety and depression
  • social phobia

People should seek immediate medical help if they experience the following:

  • severe allergic reaction
  • difficulty in breathing
  • confusion
  • blurred vision
  • tremors
  • massive chest pain

Before starting any treatment, it is important to inform your attending physician about taking Xanax with another drug or medication.

Signs That Someone is Using Xanax?

While Xanax is a prescribed medication to help treat panic disorders and other related mental health problems, there are still users who take advantage of its tranquilizing effect and often resort to substance abuse. Whether for recreational use or as a result of medication intolerance, you can spot telling signs indicating that someone is using Xanax.

Some of these symptoms include:

  • sluggishness
  • cognitive impairment
  • oversleeping/sleeping for extended periods
  • vertigo
  • general lethargy
  • missing school and work
  • noticeable change in behavior, such as isolation
  • drowsiness
  • nausea
  • sadness
  • poor focus

Taking Xanax is not extremely dangerous on its own, especially when prescribed by a medical professional. However, when it's taken by people with coexisting medical conditions or with other substances such as drugs and alcohol, it may severely impact an individual's overall health. People may also be at risk of fatal side effects, particularly when Xanax overdose is concerned.

Medical and psychological interventions may prove useful in helping people suffering from this addiction.

Green Xanax Bar Addiction

Addiction happens when an individual slowly becomes dependent on Xanax to function. WebMD shares in a 2018 study published by the Journal of Addiction Medicine that while Xanax produces a sedative effect, it also releases dopamine which in turn affects the pleasure center of the brain, thereby being the source of addiction.

As people suffering from panic disorders resort to Green Xanax to achieve immediate relief, its long-term impact may take its toll not only on an individual's body but their overall mental state in the process.

Therefore, it is crucial for users, whether they are using Yellow Xanax bars, Green Xanax, or White Xanax bars, to identify whether an addiction problem is on the rise before it starts to get worse. People suffering from anxiety-related disorders may benefit from anxiety disorder treatment that doesn't resort to Green Xanax typically when addressing their condition.

What happens when this becomes neglected is that the user may experience severe withdrawal symptoms that may worsen and cause excruciating pain and difficulty.

Withdrawal Symptoms from Green Xanax?

Regardless if it's a physician-authorized prescription, combatting the ill-inducing withdrawal symptoms from the green monster Alprazolam may be a rough road ahead for any substance user under rehabilitation. In essence, quitting Xanax and recovering from one's Xanax addiction may just prove difficult, especially when withdrawal symptoms manifest themselves within mere hours.

It's important to note these critical signs. Some of these symptoms associated with Xanax include:

  • frequent headaches
  • seizures
  • hallucinations
  • insomnia
  • induced panic attacks
  • self-harm or suicidal thoughts
  • hostility
  • involuntary muscle movement
  • sadness

People who have started cutting themselves off Xanax may experience intense withdrawal symptoms that may aggravate the feeling of anxiety and agitation. Both physical and psychological symptoms must be addressed right away to help the person ease their suffering.

Having someone by your side, such as a mental health companion, can help alleviate stress and keep the individual calm during these important periods.

Treatment for Green Xanax

Quitting Xanax is no walk in the park for any individual who has succumbed to drug abuse. However, with the proper mindset and support from a family of people caring for one's overall mental health and wellbeing, anything is possible.

There are treatment programs geared specifically to address Xanax addiction. This may involve detoxification, behavioral therapy, as well as outpatient mental health spiritual guidance from professionals.

People who have successfully finished their program from an affiliated treatment center may find that having a sober living arrangement may help them to avoid relapse. It also helps them forget their trauma from the last dose or highest dose of Xanax they have taken in their past.

If you or someone you love suffers from Xanax addiction, now is the perfect time to reach out and start your journey to sobriety. You can easily contact and talk to an Addiction Recovery Specialist to walk you through the necessary first steps for long-term recovery.

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