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Transcend Recovery Community is here to answer, "How long does Zoloft stay in your system?" We have curated all the information you need from withdrawal symptoms, and half-life, to other known side effects (such as serotonin syndrome).

Find out the usual treatment programs related to Zoloft Sertraline abuse. Read on to find out more.

How Long Does Zoloft Last in the Body and by Type of Drug Tests?

Drug testing is used to answer, "How long does Zoloft stay in your system?" Mandatory screening for Zoloft Sertraline or an antidepressant medication helps companies and universities to better assess their employee or student and to rule out addiction problems in the school.

Zoloft sertraline stays in your system for about nine days to even 90 depending o the record. Its half-life averages to a day at most.

Zoloft in Urine Tests

Zoloft sertraline can be detected for up to nine days in a urine test.

Zoloft in Hair Follicle Tests

Prescription drugs like Zoloft Sertraline can stay for up to 90 days in the hair follicle. The drug's traces remain their the longest out of all the testing methods.

Zoloft in Saliva Tests

Compared to other medications, Zoloft sertraline stays in the saliva for 2 days.

Zoloft Detection in Blood Tests

Zoloft sertraline can be detected in the bloodstream for up to 5 days since your last use.

What is Zoloft (Sertraline)?

a blue colored pill of zoloft

Zoloft or Sertraline belongs to a class of antidepressants used for the treatment of the following:

  • obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • major depressive disorder
  • panic attacks
  • premenstrual dysphoric disorder,
  • social anxiety disorder

Sertraline belongs to a class of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor drugs. It works by increasing your serotonin levels

Its common side effects include the following:

  • nausea
  • change in sleeping patterns
  • excessive sweating
  • "serotonin syndrome"
  • agitation
  • fatigue

Zoloft sertraline also triggers other side effects similar to other antidepressants, like:

  • suicidal thoughts
  • dangerous impulses
  • violent behavior
  • comatose
  • respiratory problems
  • swelling

If you experience severe or abnormal symptoms, you must seek immediate medical attention, and inform your attending specialist about this.

Determining Factors on How Long Zoloft Stays in Your System

There are many factors to consider with the question, "how long does Zoloft stay in your system?" Similar to substances like Psilocybin, our body responds differently as each medication is unique in its chemical makeup.

Sertraline may last longer than another substance or may severely impact a person's rehabilitation, unlike an entirely different type of narcotic drug. Here are some of the numerous factors to consider:

  • Dosage and frequency - Zoloft works uniquely for everyone. However, if you have excessive dosages taken at regular frequencies for Zoloft, you'll surely build tolerance for your drug addiction problem.
  • Physiological factors - a person's body may react differently from another one when taking the drug. Therefore, Zoloft will ultimately impact a person's weight, age, and overall genetics.
  • Mental health disorders - people who have a panic disorder or high-functioning depression, on top of their addiction will have a longer build-up of Sertraline in a person's system.
  • Drug half-life for Zoloft - Half of Zoloft can be expelled from a person's body for roughly 22 to 35 hours.
  • Renal & Hepatic function - A person's system relies heavily on their kidneys and liver in processing other substances and toxins. If these organs function poorly, they would most likely have difficulty processing the drug.

What Happens When You Stop Taking Zoloft?

Weaning yourself from Sertraline/Zoloft as part of an effective medication/addiction program may yield varied effects in a person. They may manifest withdrawal symptoms that would range from mild to severe.

The most common symptoms that may be developed in a person's body include:

  • insomnia
  • loss of balance
  • disturbances in touch/hearing/sight
  • anxiety symptoms
  • excessive sweating
  • motor control problems
  • "pins and needles"
  • hypersensitivity
  • muscle pain
  • headaches

When someone experiences suicidal thoughts, depression, or severe mood swings, they must immediately seek professional medical advice to get the proper help they would need in combatting these withdrawal symptoms.

What people can do to manage their withdrawal symptoms:

  • get enough sleep.
  • eat a balanced and healthy diet.
  • engage in moderate exercise.
  • practice meditation and mindfulness.
  • talk to a sober coach or escort.

It's always important that an individual receives the utmost care during this crucial period as they cope with withdrawal symptoms.

About Zoloft Misuse and Addiction Treatment

You can cite a hundred reasons why someone resorts to drug abuse, specifically with Sertraline medication. However, three main factors have a huge influence on a person's medication addiction. People who are addicted to a prescribed antidepressant may feel so due to psychological, emotional, and physical factors.

  • Psychological - people resort to Sertraline (Zoloft) medication abuse to feel good about themselves and boost their confidence.
  • Emotional - Some individuals rely on Sertraline medication to cope with their stress, trauma, and relationship problems.
  • Physical - they need the physical "feel-good" effects of Sertraline in their system.

As this happens, various treatment options must be considered to help a person with their Zoloft (Sertraline) medication abuse. Here are some treatment programs they can consider:

  • In/outpatient rehab program - A patient is required to stay in a facility or at least visit a treatment center for Zoloft/Sertraline addiction treatment, should they be allowed to continue treatment outside a rehabilitation center.
  • Behavioral program - People with Sertraline addiction can benefit from talk therapy where a counselor or specialist would talk to them regarding their feelings and analyze their relationship with their medication abuse.
  • Group therapy - Individuals who engage in group sessions may find solace with fellow patients. It's also proven to be effective in other mental health issues involving anxiety disorder treatment and more.

How To Get Help from Zoloft Addiction?

Seeking assistance for Zoloft Sertraline addiction may appear difficult. But with the help of Transcend Recovery Community, anything can happen.

Transcend has various locations across the country from Houston to Los Angeles. With affiliate programs for treatment alongside licensed medical professionals who understand your needs, you'll get full support.

You can even ask our alumni and hear about their recovery stories as well. Don't hesitate to contact us. Together, let the healing begin.

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